Dr. Monica Nagpal, Founder and CEO.

Dr. Monica Nagpal
Founded a simple and unique technique called Harmonic Life Therapy (HLT) in order to summarize and create an easy to understand way of staying healed and empowered all the time. She is a holistic healer & teacher, a motivational speaker and an Industrial Counsellor who draws inspiration from the Source - The Creator of All That Is and works as a divine conduit. Dr Monica Nagpal often called as the Miracle Lady is a healer of international repute.She is an intuitive, a clairvoyant and a wonderful psychic.
Monica is a gifted healer and due to her varied experience of working with thousands of clients worldwide, she has emerged and evolved into a awesome counsellor and inspiration for many as she has mastered how to stay unaffected by the blocks life presented. Here's how and why she founded the simple technique called Harmonic Life Therapy.
She is a winner and champion in many ways. People who meet her get touched by her constantly encouraging and joyous presence. Monica is an efficacious healer who has achieved Instant Healings. She follows to the hilt, "Gratitude to those who were good to you and Forgiveness to those who are not." From 2002 onwards, she experienced one miracle after the other in her life. She had started practicing as a healer and God has been there to always show her path to her. Since then and also prior to that, she has an immense experience of working with thousands of clients worldwide panning different cultures and countries.
She believes she healed and evolved with every healing she witnessed. In this journey, there have been clients who just healed instantly, others who took a little while. There was another category who healed and brought back their issues after sometime. It was easy to say, "Oh it's your responsibilty, you had to do "such and such" thing and you didn't so you got to bear with it"...or "it's your own doing so live with it"... etc. which is actually true but is this the end of it.