Q. What is Healing ?

Healing is a simple and fast way to identify and resolve the hidden limiting programs which block a person from achieving and acquiring on physical, mental, emotional, financial, spiritual aspects of life . This is like a coding in the person's DNA.

These programs can be at any or all four levels:

1. Conscious/subconscious relating to this life developed in early childhood

2. From parents

3. From past lives or deeper genetic programs (ancestors) in DNA

4. Deeply embedded on soul

These programs affect our DNA and manifest in the physical body as disease or imbalance. Once the Negative program is replaced/resolved, physical changes in the body are facilitated.

We draw people and experiences to ourselves according to the coding in the DNA

Q. How does Healing work?

A healer connects to the Creative Force or the ultimate divine energy and the process of transformation is guided from there on all the levels of existence.

  • The practitioner is a co-creator with Source.
  • The practitioner works as a channel of energy. He/She is a facilitator for facilitating the connection between the Creator and the Client who witnesses the healings done by the Source
  • The healer finds the reason behind the issue and resolves them instead of working on the symptoms.
  • The process of Healing complements energy healings and conventional medicine without replacing them. Any modality gives enhanced result if the cause of the issue is known and the blocks to healings are identified

Q. Can an atheist learn healing or receive healing?

Healing works irrespective of whether one believes in God or Higher consciousness or not as it is a process of readjustment of the imbalances in the energy of a person.

One is just required to take responsibility of his/her life and open to concept that there is some form of Higher Power which has created everything and everyone.

Q. What can be treated with Faith Healing?

Healing is not about curing a disease or a condition (emotional, physical or spiritual). It involves identifying and resolving the cause of the Issue. Once the cause is resolved , healings take place.

The extent to which a client gets healed is dependent on:

1. His/her wish to heal i.e. how ready the client is to heal.

2. His/her willingness to take responsibility of his life.

All diseases can be healed provided a consent and readiness is there from the client.

Q. How many sessions are required for a particular issue and how fast are the results seen?

Healing happens instantly so only one session is sufficient for many but the healing starts
to show as fast as the client gets ready to accept the healing. It is seen normally most clients
respond to Creator's unconditional love in a span of 3 to 5 sessions. Also some take more time.
It's a subjective thing.

However, if there are a number of issues to be addressed, it is better to learn the technique / course which will empower the person with tools to work on himself / herself and resolve his /
her own family's issues.

Q. Is it possible to continue with current profession after learning Healing ?

Healing  is a way of life. It enhances your life and brings abundance to your life and profession by using the tools of Healing.

Q. Does the client need to be physically present or can it be done over the phone or otherwise?


Healing can be facilitated with client being physically present or through Distant Healing and healings are done over the phone or through Skype etc.

Q. Who can do the course?

Anyone irrespective of sex, religion with an intention to learn can do the course. "Sooner the Better."

Q. How is Healing based on scientific principles?

Healing  is based on applied quantum mechanics engineering.

Description of the metaphysics behind Healing can be found in number of books like 'Where Science meets Spirit' by Brent Philips and 'Molecules of Emotion' by Candace Pert help us understand scientifically how Healing  works

Q. What is DNA? What can DNA Activation do?

DNA (deoxyribonucleic Acid) is a double helix shaped molecule found in the chromosomes in the nucleus of the cell. and is termed as the blueprint of one's life. Each cell has the complete genetic code for the whole body.

It is believed that the DNA was initially 12 stranded bent due to number of catalysts. We have a 2 stranded double helix which is active. 10 strands (Phantom or shadow DNA) are awaiting to unfold resulting in 12 stranded DNA. The only way to truly invoke permanent, positive changes in self is by changing one's blueprint of life - one's DNA.

The process of healing activates these dormant 10 strands of DNA. In simpler words it means a person's life can transform exponentially from using 17% of the brain to becoming a multidimensional person as psychic, telepathic and manifesting abilities are enhanced. This raises a person's frequency and one starts attracting people, places, events and things of a similar high frequency.

DNA activation is an ongoing process and every time DNA activation is done, a person's frequency rises. When one's frequency is high, one's intention manifests faster.

"How ready are you to change your life?"