Space Healing

What is Space Healing?
Space Healing provides a safe space for mind, body and spirit and heals them from within.. This ancient intuitive technique is a practical and easy way of empowering yourself as the whole environment around you gets blessed, activated and healthy. Everything around becomes synced universally and thus provides a breeding and breathing space for good health, harmonized relationships and all kinds of success and progress that you dream of removing it's blockages if they are in your environment.. Your life gets affected by everything that happens in the space around us. Everything is energy and energy in everything influences your life. People you interact or live with, place where you dwell or work, furniture, plants, pets ; just about everything including the empty space and the air and emotions even the thoughts travelling through the thin layer affect your life and living. You must have experienced even if you are not aware that some clash happened in a place just before you entered that place, a kind of perceptive heaviness is felt and some intuitive and more sensitive people complain of headache and nausea etc. What is that "odd vibes" , "strange feeling" , "felt awkward", "unexplainable discomfort" etc. ? All these could be just the impact of the words or energy of words or even thoughts apart from waywards or hanging spirits that are trapped in the space you are moving about in. We all experience some variations in energies in different places and also sometimes in the same place at different times. (Pl watch video on the right to know more)
Have you ever noticed how fresh and welcoming it feels when a new outlet/showroom/mall opens? But after some time passes the same place starts to feel "not so inviting". Why does that happen? It so happens because of the stuck up & stagnant energy builds up and can make you feel trapped and stuck in time warp kind of feeling. It may alos bring feelings like 'hopelessness' , 'loneliness' , 'being not lucky' etc. which more often than not can become a reason for personal, social & professional issues. Thus, space healing can help you enhance every area of your life. When is it appropriate to have Space Healing? It is best to get a Space Healing done without a reason. It is like a energy make over for our home or workplace. Just like one feels refreshed and rejuvenated after a Spa visit, similarly the energetic space healing does the same for your physical & environmental space. If you are not so enthusiastic about your health and peace, you may wait for a reason to appear. There are many reasons for which one can get Space Healing done. It is time to get your space healed when you feel tired and depressed, health suffers, finances and relationships are not going nice without any apparent reason. There are lots of other reasons to do an energetic house clearing for your home now and then. Space Healing is particularly effective.

  1. if you don't feel that you belong to a new house where you have just moved in
  2. can't find a buyer when you want to move to a new house
  3. not finding the right property for yourself
  4. if you feel you are stuck in your life and want to move on
  5. if you are experiencing relationship difficulties
  6. if you are expecting a new baby and want everything to be 'just right' for their arrival.
  7. Also if ill health is your concern for long and no relief despite all efforts.
  8. after a divorce, or even after an unpleasant argument, or if someone has died.
  9. if you want to transforms energies in your environment to make it safer, healthier and happier for you, your family, your pets and plants
  10. if you feel intuitively and know that their homes are haunted,
  11. if you to remove all the energy of the previous owners when you are moving into a new house.

Benefits of Space Healing

  • It moves out trapped and stuck energies from homes, workplaces and create a bright, soothing and healed refereshing atmosphere.
  • Improves health of the residents.
  • Harmonizes relationships.
  • Heals emotions
  • Heals disease like High/ Low B.P, Obesity etc.
  • Helps in Anger management
  • Helps in Stress management
  • Awakens the soul callings and much more